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When to Think About Anti Aging

When is the right time to start anti aging treatments and products? You have probably heard the saying “it’s never to early to start anti aging” and while that’s true, let’s dive deeper into knowing the important start time. 

By the time you hit 25, anti aging needs to be in your routine and on the forefront of your mind. The reason I recommend this age is because studies show that in your twenties the average female will start losing 1-1.5% of her collagen production each year. Now, starting in your mid twenties will help you adjust to the new routine, get a head start on the problem and create healthy skincare habits. That way, when you turn 30 you’re ahead of the game. At the age of 30 females who haven’t started thinking about anti aging will start noticing drastic differences in their skin. 

Collagen is a protein responsible for healthy joints & skin elasticity. It’s in your bones, your muscles, and blood, comprising three-quarters of your skin and a third of the protein in your body. As your collagen production decreases naturally, the fine lines, wrinkles & sagging start to set in. Do not worry though! While it can be difficult to figure out how to rebuild collagen it is possible. Like most things in life the quicker you get on top of it, the better! 

Let’s talk about ways we can internally help collagen production, then ways we can externally. First, taking an oral collagen will be beneficial. It’s important to note that not all collagen products on the market are the same. Powder collagen has some studies showing that your body will absorb 39-53% of what you’re ingesting, so keep that in mind. While it’s still able to help give you your goal, it may not be the most potent option. Liquid collagen has been shown to be the best and most effective absorption. While studies don’t show an exact percentage, it is shown to have a far better absorption rate and that is why it’s my preferred option. Know that whatever you chose, it will help and will be worth it! Here are some of my favorite options! 

Now, let’s talk about how we fight aging externally. There are probably ten million treatments & products on the market claiming to help with aging, but only some will work so let’s talk about the tried and true options that are also non-invasive. These options won’t harm your internal health either! First, your best treatment options are :

Hydrafacial – A treatment that can target your needs, uses mindfully made serums & has studies proving rebuilding elasticity in the skin as well as brightening, fighting acne & more!

Hungarian Massage – A treatment that has been around since the 14th century & earned its nickname “organic botox” for a reason! This massage works to rebuild the strength in your muscles, and in turn reverses aging. With many other added health & beauty benefits, it’s always a top anti aging tool! 

Your products – Have a licensed skin expert create a regimen for you, but some tried and true ingredients that are amazing for anti aging are Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Retinoids, Peptides, Green Tea & Goji Berry! 

Wear your SPF – No matter if you spend your day inside on the computer or outside in the sun, wear your sunscreen. We know that the sun can damage and age our skin, but so do the blue lights we are exposed to with LED all day long! This alone will make a huge difference in your aging. 

Sticking with a regimen! It doesn’t matter if it’s taking something, going for a treatment or applying your products every day, consistency matters! The choice you make every day to take a few minutes for yourself and your skin will show in the other 23hrs and 45min a day. Small steps will make a big difference! 

Anti aging doesn’t have to be overwhelming and time consuming. You can do this and like always, I’m here to help!

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