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Acne Myth

A common statement I often hear is “I’m not a teenager anymore, so why do I still struggle with acne”? I’m here to say that having acne only when you’re a teenager is a myth! The most common reason people have acne in their pubescent years is because they have a wave of hormone changes, but this continues to happen throughout your life. Now, realize acne can be caused by more than just hormones, but the leading cause of acne is definitely a spike in hormone shifts.

Do not ever feel like you’re on your own if you have breakouts and you’re not a teenager. Most of the population, especially if you’re female, will have breakouts during all hormonal shifts like a standard imbalance, mensural cycle, pregnancy, postpartum, menopause and so on. Hang in there, there are things you can do that will help it get better!

I recommend getting blood work done and talking to your doctor about any changes you’ve noticed. If you don’t want to start with going to the doctor, I suggest a “reset” of your daily life. Take a few weeks to reduce your stress level, get on a consistent sleep schedule, fuel your body with high quality food, spend some time in the morning sun & take your supplements consistently.

Other things to do to help your breakouts is know hidden triggers that are around your house! For instance, the washcloth you grab to dry your face is a great bacteria trap. After you use it to dry your hands or your face, you leave it on the counter and it sits there damp & in a dark room growing bacteria until you grab it again later that day to wash your face. You’re putting so many germs on your freshly washed face! There was a study by Charles Gerba, a microbiologist at the University of Arizona that stated nearly 90% of bathroom towels were contaminated with coliform bacteria and about 14% carried E. coli. Always use a clean, dry towel after washing your face!

Now that you know the statics and the science that states that bacteria grows on damp washcloths, start looking at all the items that touch your face a little more closely. Your beauty blender, makeup brushes, pillow cases, sleep mask, blanket you cuddle up on the couch with all might be contributing to bacteria on your face and in turn your acne. All items that touch your face need to be cleaned regularly or thrown out and replaced with a new one.

In addition to being aware of where bacteria is hiding and a doing a reset of your routine, scheduling monthly professional treatments will always improve your skin health! Do not feel alone in your acne struggle or like there is no way out of it. I promise clear skin is in reach!

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