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Three Simple Steps to Start your Skincare off right in the New Year!

The new year brings a new mind set! When we think of January, we start thinking of change. This may include goals we want to set, ways to improve our health, or changes to simplify our lives. Because I am the same way, I wanted to share some of the habits that I hope I can instill and pass on this new year!

Here are three simple steps to starting the new year off right:

First, check your products expiration dates! On the back of beauty products, you’ll find a symbol that looks like a container with the lid coming off. You’ll also notice a number on it, which represents how many months the product is “good” after being opened. Has that cream been open for a year and says it’s good for 6 months? Toss it out and replace it with a fresh one! I promise you’ll see better results.

Second, have a body lymphatic performed! Think of your lymphatic system as your body’s immune filter system. It’s in charge of keeping your fluid levels balanced and defending your body against infections, trapping all sorts of foreign materials. More often than not, our lymphatic system becomes stagnated with gunk and toxins. This buildup can leave us feeling sluggish, swollen, and can even restrict our motion. By having a body lymphatic performed, these toxins are released and expelled. An adult has approximately 800 lymph nodes in their body, and with my specialized body lymphatic treatment, we can reach a majority of those and help improve your overall health! 

Third, drink water! With all those toxins being released from our lymphatic system, we have to expel them somewhere. Add slices of lemon, a drop of honey or some sliced strawberries to increase its benefit. Lemon detoxifies impurities from the skin, honey has anti bacterial properties, and strawberries have antioxidants to help improve your glow! Not only will water help flush your system, but it will also ensure your skin stays hydrated and healthy.

Checking the expiration of products for quality, assisting our lymphatic system in the removal of stagnant debris, and consuming plenty of water are all guaranteed ways to improve your health this new year! I cannot wait to hear how your fresh start is coming and look forward to seeing you soon in West Fern Spa!

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