The spa offers natural and organic skincare products, the exclusive Hungarian facial massage ("organic botox"), the patented non-surgical HydraFacial MD that delivers instant results with no discomfort or down time, and PERK, the world's first hybrid facial that merges in-office exfoliating treatment and take home products for the eyes and lips.


Connect Master

Getting to write these words feels like a dream! I am honored to announce I am a certified HydraFacial Master! Not only that, but I am the only Master in the Rio Grande Valley. Being a HydraFacial Master is far more than being skilled in all things HydraFacial, so let me tell you about the certification and program!

Let me start from the beginning! Everyone begins in esthetics school with the eagerness to learn anything & everything skincare. We study, test & put into practice all our schooling under the supervision of our state instructors. You would think that would mean we knew everything, but instead we walk away with a basic education and no additional skills. That is why you all know I continued my education and training after esthetics school so that I could be the best possible esthetician for you.

The HydraFacial company was hearing from their estheticians that they had the same feelings towards esthetician school as I did. The HydraFacial company recognizes the vital role we, the estheticians, have in our client’s skincare and they wanted to provide something more substantial than the certification course they currently had available. That course was great at training all 38,000+ of us on HydraFacial, but that advanced training was only related to HydraFacial. After seeing the need, the HydraFacial company created a Connect Program, a progressive esthetics school that would cover more than the state did & more than HydraFacial treatments. Now, almost all US States recognize this Connect Program as a continued education course! This new Connect school is the missing puzzle piece the industry desperately needed!

This program has three tiers, Professional, Expert & Master. By enrolling in the Connect Program, we are signing up for an esthetician school, but one that will give us the knowledge and skills for the advanced treatments we have been eager to learn about. 

During the program, we learn everything from cool sculpting, lasers, injectables, skin cancer recognition, in-depth knowledge of all skin types, product ingredients, and far more! We have guest speakers, tests, presentations, and everything else that comes with school. Finally, this is a program that trains us to be fully prepared for any case that might walk through our spa doors!

Since I had already continued my education after my Texas esthetics school, I wondered what the program might offer me. On the other hand, I knew that the industry was constantly changing, and I always want to be the best for my clients, so I quickly enrolled! After a lot of work, I completed not only the Professional and Expert program levels, but my Masters! 

Enrolling in Connect was the best decision! I can confidently say I am equipped for any client’s need. It is my honor to be a certified Master! With over 38,000 HydraFacialists worldwide, only 200 of us have achieved this certification. Being a part of what HydraFacial calls the “elite 200”, is an achievement I will always cherish and I am here today to tell this story because of all my incredible clients! All of you ignite my fire for esthetics even more. This program has done so much for me, and I can not wait to share all of my new skills. The future is full of new and exciting things!

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