The spa offers natural and organic skincare products, the exclusive Hungarian facial massage ("organic botox"), the patented non-surgical HydraFacial MD that delivers instant results with no discomfort or down time, and PERK, the world's first hybrid facial that merges in-office exfoliating treatment and take home products for the eyes and lips.


Three beauty secrets that will cost you nothing and will drastically change your skin!

The first tip I have for you is ALWAYS apply your skincare products in an upward motion! Why? Because applying our serums and creams upward will not break down our facial muscles. When we pull downward on our face we aren’t just stretching the muscle in the opposite direction we want them to be in, but we are also training the muscle to be in that position since we are repeatedly doing it day after day. By applying your products upward you will help keep your facial muscles tone and delay aging! 

The second beauty secret I have for you is NEVER sleep in your makeup! Sleeping in your makeup ages your skin drastically! How drastic? Try seven times faster! That drastic alone should make you run and want to wash your face immediately, but that’s not the only reason you shouldn’t sleep in your makeup. It also drys your skin out, causes breakouts and skin sensitivity. Plus if you are wearing mascara you’re damaging and breaking your lashes! So do your skin a favor and take one minute before bed to cleanse your skin. 

The third beauty tip I have for you is ask a skincare professional for help. Skincare can be confusing & overwhelming making it extremely difficult to know which products are right for YOU. Don’t waste time and money on products that end up not working or harming your skin. Most estheticians and skincare professionals offer complimentary skincare consultations. Take advantage of their offer and let them create your skincare routine for you! 

Skincare doesn’t have to be expensive and time consuming. It’s all about investing in the right products, and knowing the tips & tricks! 

XO, your Esti Abigail

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