The spa offers natural and organic skincare products, the exclusive Hungarian facial massage ("organic botox"), the patented non-surgical HydraFacial MD that delivers instant results with no discomfort or down time, and PERK, the world's first hybrid facial that merges in-office exfoliating treatment and take home products for the eyes and lips.


Let’s talk Lymphatic Drainage!

The lymphatic system is a crucial part of our immune system and Lymphatic Drainage aids in boosting it! Why is the lymphatic system so important? It defends our body against illness, bacteria, viruses & fungi. 

Lymphatic Drainage has been around a while, but more often than not it gets over looked in facial routines. It is a treatment that aids in the facial and beauty world because it helps reduce expression lines, puffiness, improves skin tone and can be face slimming. All those benefits would already make this a great treatment, but Lymphatic Drainage does so much more! It also can highly reduce sinus pressure, inflammation, help you breath better and it boosts your immune system! How can one treatment do all that you ask? The answer is simple! 

Our lymphatic system works by passing lymph fluid through nodes. Those nodes filter out the bacteria & germs, but let’s not forget those lymph nodes contain infection fighting white blood cells so when lymphatic drainage is performed properly the fluid called “lymph” will be transported back to your bloodstream & boost your systems white blood cells. Therefore you will be able to breath better, reduce pressure, help your body function better and get all the beauty benefits at the same time! 

Lymphatic Drainage is completely painless and you will have immediate results! One important tip I have is make sure to drink plenty of water after the treatment to completely flush all the lymph fluid out of your body! Remember that fluid contains all the bacteria, toxins and germs so you want to make sure you flush it all out! 

I saw the importance of Lymphatic Drainage early on in my career, and that’s why I trained and received not only one but two certifications in it! Lymphatic Drainage is something I always incorporate into my own skincare routine and all my facials at West Fern Spa! I hope you incorporate it into your monthly facials as well! 

XO, Your Esti Abigail 

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