The spa offers natural and organic skincare products, the exclusive Hungarian facial massage ("organic botox"), the patented non-surgical HydraFacial MD that delivers instant results with no discomfort or down time, and PERK, the world's first hybrid facial that merges in-office exfoliating treatment and take home products for the eyes and lips.


Layering Skincare

A common question I get is: “How do I layer and apply my products?”. It’s important to know because if we don’t apply our products correctly, we’ll be missing out on some of their full benefits and effectiveness.

Each product has its own weight, thickness, molecular design, and purpose. Think about it this way, if you put pudding in a bowl and poured milk on top, would the milk ever make it to the bottom? No, it wouldn’t! If you mixed it in, would it make it to the bottom? Yes, but it wouldn’t be all the milk because it had to fight and mix with all the pudding to get there. The same thing applies with skincare products! I know it’s a silly analogy, but it provides a clear picture and helps guide our skincare product application sequences.

So how do we layer and apply our products? Put simply, thinnest to thickest is the best way to think about it! This gives all your products the ability to be absorbed thoroughly into the epidermis. If you have been using a product and aren’t seeing results, don’t discredit the product yet! Make sure you’re using it properly and in the right order. Below is a breakdown based off of typical molecular structure of products. Don’t forget though, when in doubt ask a professional, and West Fern Spa is always here to help!

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